A Point-of-Sale System for Florists

Increase sales while saving time and money with our independent POS system

Our easy to use yet powerful POS system, Visual Ticket, is designed and built to help you be more successful. With robust integrations with the best credit card processors and order relay services, Visual Ticket makes doing amazing thing easy. Manage your inventory, track orders and deliveries, gain reporting insight, and more, all from one central system.

Easy to Use Inventory Management Systems

Easily manage your inventory and production with an all-in-one interface

Simple point-and-click windows combined with intuitive fields allow you to easily edit every product detail from titles to descriptions and beyond.

Go from inventory to production with intelligent background systems that assist you through the order process. Automatically assign ID's for wire-in orders, delivery zones, charges, payment methods, and more.

Order Tracking at Every Step

Production tracking and delivery status on any order, anywhere in the system

Order pad status tracking provides a central location to determine actions for a given day. Easily track all "Need Attention" orders, "Problem Status" details, wireout orders, and more. Stay ahead of the order queue and process and print next day orders with a click of a button.

Delivery tracking allows all stations to have access to the Delivery Status of every order. Tracking details include statuses such as "not yet loaded in the Truck", "on delivery", "delivered by" driver's name, and the driver's "delivery notes".

Data and Marketing Made Easy

Automatically capture order information for financial analysis and marketing

Know what's happening with your shop with comprehensive reports that detail which products are most successful and which may need work.

Take control of your marketing decisions with detailed information that can help you improve you business with ease. Take a glance at your sales or dig deep and analyze your data - it's up to you.

Event Planning Made Easy

Create beautiful proposals quickly and easily

Create comprehensive proposals with detailed descriptions and itemized lists for every arrangement and rental item your business has to offer. Supply your customers with an all-inclusive sample that will help bring their floral and d├ęcor visions to life.

Craft stunning design themes to show your customers that you understand their vision. Your imagination is the limit for drafting creative proposals that turn your event bid directly into profits.