About Us

Our Mission

Meet all needs and exceed all expectations

Floral Systems strives to provide affordable floral business solutions without sacrificing the quality and expertise that is usually associated with other large and expensive agencies. Our team is dedicated to the online success of our florists, and we provide personalized service to all of our clients whether they are multimillion-dollar a year businesses or small mom-and-pop shops.

What Our Clients Say

Florists really like us, but don't take our word for it

BA Florist

"The transition was easy and our new website is very user friendly. Their support is excellent as well. I am looking forward to our web sales growing as they have the last few months!"

Laurie Van Ark - B/A Florist in East Lansing, MI

Victoria Park Florist

"Our website has been a great boost to sales. Customers often compliment us on the look and ease of use. They really notice the difference."

David Pender - Victoria Park Florist in Chapel Hill, NC

Spedale's Florist

"I had over 30 specific features that I was looking for. They told me they could build the website, and they did! They are professional, intelligent, and talented."

Thomas Spedale - Spedale's Florist in Lafayette, LA


Here at Floral Systems, we follow four core principles to help govern every decision we make.



Introduce new methods and ideas to break the established mold. Stay ahead of the trends, remain flexible, and constantly improve our technology to provide the best products for our clients.



Persist in a course of action even in the face of hardship or adversity. When faced with a struggle, carry on with determination in pursuit of continued success.

Be Reliable

Be Reliable

Remain consistent and dependable in our performance for our clients and within the company. Develop the qualities of authentic trustworthiness and dependability.

Stay Passionate

Stay Passionate

Encourage personal and professional success through enjoyment. Embrace adventure and cultivate a positive attitude with emphasis on genuine gratification.