Visual Ticket's Point of Sale

Marketing modules can assist you in achieving double digit sales increases!

Totally “Non-Modal” interface allows you to go anywhere on the order pad, at any time, by simply clicking on it. This means you are not forced to follow the Order Sequence designed by the Software Engineer.

Combined Order Entry with everything on one screen. "Combined Ticket" has order entry with card, prep and delivery all on same screen!

      • Totally Visual.You can see and print photos of products on the screen, on work orders, on enclosure cards, etc.
      • Totally Multi-Media. You can record and play back both Video and Audio for customer messages on enclosure cards, production instructions, etc.
      • Totally Easy. The only "professional" florist Point of Sale software that offers a true “Point-and-Click” interface.
      • Novice Mode. For operators in training, you can activate the Novice mode as the default mode, or on the fly in real time, which will mask most of the high level features of the system, making the screens and the User Interface as simple as possible.
      • Totally Multi-Tasked. Agents run in the background and do chores that otherwise you would have to wait for them to execute. This will save you and the customer giving you the order a lot of time.
      • Totally Complete. Features not found in other POS systems, such as integrated Punch in/out, Spell Checker, Payment on Account, Caller-Id interface, etc.
      • Production Tracking allows all stations to have access to Production Status of every order (such as; the order is "not yet started", is "started by which Designer”, or it is "finished by whom and the location where it is stored). Important information especially when a Customer calls and wants to make a change.