Visual Ticket's Movie Gallery

Visual Ticket allows you to market your customers anytime with a click of a button!

Visual Ticket captures all sending, receiving, cash & carry, and phone order customer addresses and information so you can market to your customers anytime you wish! The days of sitting back and relying on order gatherers and wire services to provide you with discounted orders are over! You can now get on the offensive and capture the marketplace yourself! Visual Ticket allows you to "Get In The Game"! Whether you market to your customers or not.. you know someone is already going after them.

Please check out the movies below to get a brief glimpse on how Visual Ticket can change your life for the better.
Note: High speed internet recommended to view these movies. We recommend any florist get high speed internet as it's 70 times faster than dial up. Please Call us for ways to take advantage of high speed internet and reduce costs. [Please email or call us and we'll mail the movies out to you if you like]