Visual Ticket's Point of Sale

Marketing modules can assist you in achieving double digit sales increases!

Production Tracking on any order anywhere in the system!
      • Delivery Tracking allows all stations to have access to Delivery Status of every order (whether the order is "not yet loaded in the Truck", it is "on delivery by which Driver", or it has been "delivered by whom", and the Driver's "delivery notes").
      • Problem Tracking allows all POS systems to have access to Problem Status of every order (Who is in charge of handling it, Priority, Deadline, Corrective Action, Problem status, etc.).
      • Wire-out Assignment Form provides a central location for Assigning all Filling Florists, and tracking the transmission status of all Wire-out orders. So, while taking orders, you do not worry about Wireout Processing. Every now and then, you access a centrally located list, of incomplete Wireout orders, click on the Directory button, and automatically insert the Florist Information into each order. At this point, the Mercury Link will retrieve the order, and transmit it. If, you don’t have the Mercury Link feature, you can click on the Auto-Fax button, and fax the order. You can also simply Auto-Dial the Florist, and call-out the order.
      • Order Pad Status Tracking provides a central location to determine incomplete actions for a given day, and track all "Need Attention" orders. At a certain point in the afternoon, you can click on a button, and tell the system to "Start the Next Day" orders, and have the system process and print tomorrow's orders, allowing you to always stay ahead.
      • Save any order as a Template, and use it over and over again. Templates are maintained (saved) elsewhere keeping the Order pad "clean" and tidy.
      • Standing Orders. Schedule any Template for automatic insertion into the Order Pad, days, weeks, months, and even years ahead of time, by simply clicking on a calendar. Standing orders are kept outside of the Order Pad, and are automatically generated on the day they become due by the Daily Agent.
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