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Visual Ticket is an Independent florist accounting software system that still offers a true interface with all the major transmission systems. All orders come automatically into the system. Enclosure card, recipient, and order information sent to the florist or wire service is captured by the system. Work tickets, delivery tickets, and beautiful enclosure cards are printed automatically!! All information is captured for financial analysis and marketing to your customer base.

Visual Ticket is without a doubt the best florist accounting software. We invite you to compare feature for feature.

Visual Ticket not only offers superior performance, but gives you peace of mind.

Purchasing an independent florist software system means you're not tied down and you can stay in the wire service(s) that are making you money, not just stay in them because you're tied into their system.

When you buy a Visual ticket system, it's yours. Unlike other systems, that may force you to process credit cards through them or buy only their hardware..Visual Ticket systems are compatible with any credit card processor so you choose who to process credit cards through.

Visual Ticket system can be configured on your own equipment or we can supply brand name computers, networking, and peripherals. Again, you have choice.

Visual Ticket gives you freedom... and freedom to choose usually equals greater profits down the road.